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The Ashvale

Great Western Road, Aberdeen | 01224 312980 | www.theashvale.co.uk

We were contacted by angry Ashvale fans from as far afield as Switzerland and California demanding why The Ashvale was not originally listed. This award-winning restaurant serves traditional fish and chips, with the option of steaks and other 'catch-alls' for land lubbers.

If traditional deep fried British fish and chips are your desire, this is one of the best places in the UK.

Why did we not list it before? Simply that deep fried British fish and chips are not particularly our desire for eating out of an evening. For take away, well... that's a different matter... that's when we DO got to the Ashvale!!

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The Ashvale

53 Market Place, Inverurie

Given that the Ashvale in Aberdeen has such a good reputation, our experiences with the Ashvale in Inverurie (albeit always take-away rather than the restaurant) have been disappointing.

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32 Union Terrace, Aberdeen | Telephone 01224 624145

Open only until 7.30pm (closed Mondays), Carmines is a tiny, cramped hole-in-the-wall cafe with a wonderful, unpretentious Italian café atmosphere.

Here, the owner berates and teases his guests (with good humour!). Occasionally he even bursts into song while cooking! (Particularly memorable was the gentle teasing of a friend with a broken wrist, struggling to eat his pizza. But, heart of gold - the owner whisked the pizza away and returned it in a jiffy, cut it into fork sized pieces!)

The food is simple, pizzas and pasta rule - but excellent. We particularly like the pizzas which are more authentic Italian than any pizza chain could produce!

Seating being very limited, booking is possible, but don't be surprised if you are still told "five minutes" when you arrive and you are invited to wait out on the pavement! (But beware, Mr Carmine's "five minutes" can prove quite elastic!)

The restaurant has no licence but you can take your own wine to drink with the meal.

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Queen's Links Leisure Park, Aberdeen Beach and Union Square, Guild Street, Aberdeen | www.chiquito.co.uk

A reasonably good fast-food diner with a Mexican flavour. Portions are generous so it scores on quantity. Quality? Well, on a good night it is brilliant, but sometimes it is just good. But then, that's a pretty good average!

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Frankie & Benny's

Queen's Links Leisure Park and Union Square, Guild St, Aberdeen | Telephone 01224 590394 | www.frankieandbennys.com

Consistently second to only La Bamba in the early days of this website, Frankie and Benney's is based on the theme of a New York Italian bar and diner, Frankie and Benney's offers a tempting choice of burgers, steaks, pizzas and pastas, with an American Italian flavour. The decor and style, too, are quite authentic.

The food quality has consistently been to a high standard every one of the many times we've tried it.

Pizzas - so often the give-away for restaurants which use pre-made, pre-packaged food - are a particular favourite and quite clearly freshly made. (TIP: The large pizzas are best. If there's two having pizza, ask for a large pizza to share and get them to put your choice of toppings on half each.)

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Ghillies Lair

Bridge of Dee, Aberdeen

Part of a national franchise chain, but with good atmosphere and you are pretty sure to find something you like on the menu.

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Handmade Burger Co

Union Square, Guild Street, Aberdeen | www.handmadeburger.co.uk

Traditionalists won't like this place. The tables are quite packed in to make best use of space that is costing a pretty penny in prime slots in a shopping mall. Even more horrifying, once seated and selected your burger, you go and place your order at the counter. Worse still, you pay at the same time, before you have eaten!

But, if you can stand all this breaking with tradition, you will be rewarded with pretty good burgers – something that is a real rarity in the UK (the land of the compressed reclaimed meat burger). Definitely not the place for a romantic meal to impress. But if you accept this for a fast-food restaurant that serves a really nice burger then, in our book that merits the three stars.

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Pizza Express

402 Union Street, 47 Belmont Street, Aberdeen and Union Square, Aberdeen | www.pizzaexpress.com

A cut above the many other pizza chains. Convenient, enjoyable and good quality. A particular favourite is the Etna Romana which has a bit of fiery heat from the peppers and a lovely thin soft-but-crispy crust.

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TGI Fridays

Beach Esplanade and Union Square, Aberdeen | www.tgifridays.co.uk

The good news is that the decor and atmosphere are interesting and the service - almost OTT in the American style - is attentive but informal.

We’ve been pretty pleased with the TGI Fridays in Union Square and have just about forgotten the early disappointment at the Beach Esplanade when we gave the fajitas a try on three occasions, before giving up on them. The lack of the customary sizzling hot platter suggests that the fajita vegetables and meat were pre-prepared and kept lukewarm.

The resulting dollop of unappetising, mushy, soggy onions, in the place of the crisp, crunchy vegetables one expects were most disappointing and the lukewarm beef not particularly appetising.

Burgers, steaks and sandwiches were a safer bet. Not yet plucked up courage to see if they now cook proper fajitas!

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