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Christos Greek Taverna

14/20 John Street, Aberdeen | www.christos-taverna.com | Telephone 01224 636320

Although the traditional plate smashing has been stopped at the behest of the Health & Safety Executive, Christos manages to bring a bit of Greek Taverna atmosphere to Aberdeen. The grapevine overhead may be plastic but the food most definitely isn't!

Greek Mythos beer adds to the authenticity of our experience and the wine menu has a reasonable range of Greek wines, even if some are clearly labelled "Chateau ASDA".

The starters are served either individually or as meze where you sample a few. We particularly enjoyed the wonderfully creamy Tiropitta (feta cheese in layers of filo pastry) and the Horiatiki - a village salad with tomatoes, onions, olives, feta cheese and dressing.

For main course the Souvlaki (skewered lamb and vegetables with pitta bread and tzatziki) and Yiouvetsi (lamb, with tomato, garlic and Greek rice-style pasta) come recommended.

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