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347 Union Street, Aberdeen | 01224 595588 | www.8848restaurant.co.uk

8848 focusses on Nepalese and Indian dining. The restaurant says it is committed to serving “wholesome and unpretentious Nepalese and Indian food as a shared dining experience” in a “friendly and casual environment”.

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Blue Moon

11 Holburn Street, Aberdeen | 01224 589977 | www.bluemoon-aberdeen.com

The Blue Moon is located in Holburn Street just a couple of doors down from Holburn Junction at the west end of Union Street in Aberdeen. The first thing that strikes you is how the Blue Moon breaks away from the stereotypical Indian restaurant decor and music.

It's a colourful, informal setting. Being quite a narrow former shop, the tables are lined against either wall so this is perhaps not the most secluded restaurant for a romantic dinner for two - but that's not what most people would expect from an Indian restaurant.

The service is attentive, the choice is wide and varied, the food is good and the Kingfisher Indian beer is cold. What more could you want from an Indian restaurant?

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Boar’s Head Tandoori

Kinmuck, Inverurie AB51 0LY | 01224 791235 | www.boarsheadtandoori.co.uk

The Boar’s Head Tandoori is a little bit tucked away, but it is worth finding. Situated in the village of Kinmuck, it is just a short distance from Inverurie. (Head out the Keithhall Road and in the centre of Keithhall village, turn right.)

The first surprise is the decor of the restaurant. In a land that expects its Indian restaurants to be dominantly shades of purple and orange, the Boars Head Tandoori is blue, very blue.

But you don’t go for the decor, you go for the food, which, in our experience, is excellent and the service is attentive and friendly. It may not be the easiest place to find in its “off the beaten track” location, but it is worth it.

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Cumin Tandoori

401 Union Street, Aberdeen AB11 6BX | 01224 581112 | www.cumintandooriaberdeen.co.uk

Popular Indian restaurant offering tandoori favourites and Bangladeshi favourites

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75 High Street, Banchory | 01330 825564 | derbar.co.uk

Debra, located in Banchory on Royal Deeside, specialises in North Indian Cuisine and enjoys a loyal following for the quality of its food.

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Dyce Tandoori

275 Stoneywood Road, Aberdeen AB21 9JS | 01224 710313 | www.dycetandoori.co.uk

Out in the Stoneywood area of Aberdeen, near Dyce, this is a popular and busy restaurant based in a former pub. While we found the good, if not outstanding, our issue was with the service which – on the occasions we have been there – was somewhat tardy.

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Echt Tandoori

Echt, Aberdeenshire AB32 6UL | 01330 860601 | www.echttandoori.co.uk

The Echt Tandoori is located in the old pub at the crossroads in the middle of Echt. We haven’t sampled it ourselves, but those who have give it good reports. We promise to give it a visit soon.

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Jewel in the Crown

145 Crown Street, Aberdeen, AB11 6HP | 01224 210288 | www.thejewelaberdeen.com

An enduring favourite with recent generations of Aberdonians, the Jewel in the Crown is a little bit out of the main restaurant area down Crown Street, but it is worth searching out.

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145 King Street, Aberdeen AB24 5AE | 01224 647295 | www.lahore-karahi.com

On King Street about a quarter of a mile north of Castlegate at the east end of Union Street, Lahore is a small Pakistani restaurant and takeaway. It is totally unpretentious in terms of decor and style. There is no licence, so if you want wine or beer with your meal take your own with you. If you want to be really authentic try a glass of lassi with your meal

The food in Lahore is absolutely excellent. This is not another Indian restaurant clone (the fact that Lahore is in Pakistan, not India, might be the clue!). Old favourites, when delivered to the table, look different. For example the pilau rice just looked more genuine and less artificial in colour. A great favourite with the regulars are the Roly Poly dishes.

The spicy flavours explode on the tongue with distinct and indiviaul notes. When you order you will be asked if you want mild, medium or hot. Be aware that I (who like hot spicy food) found the medium was very spicy. It was with the heat that Lahore made its only mistake of the night. One of our company asked for mild. Even the waiter admitted it was not mild and a complimentary sweet was offered in consolation.

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Light of Bengal

13 Rose Street, Aberdeen AB10 1TX | 01224 648224 | www.lightofbengal.com

Just off the west end of Union Street, on Rose street, the Light of Bengal has been a firm favourite with its customers since it opened its doors in 1978.

It consistently scores high ratings for both food and service.

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Monsoona Healthy Indian Cuisine

20 Bridge Street, Aberdeen AB11 6JJ | 01224 590030 | www.monsoona.co.uk

Indian cuisine with the emphasis on authentic taste, nouvelle look and healthy ingredients.

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33 Summer Street, Aberdeen AB10 1SB | 01224 621800 | www.nawaabs.co.uk

Just off the west end of Union Street in Aberdeen city centre, Nawaabs has won a number of awards for its cuisine.

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Shish Tandoori Restaurant

9 Ellon Road, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen AB23 8EB | 01224 702449 |

In the Brig Inn Pub, this restaurant has a strong following.

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