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Union Square, Guild Street Aberdeen, AB11 5RG | 01224 587993 | barburrito.co.uk

As should be fairly obvious, the speciality here is burritos. In a style reminiscent of sandwich shops like Subway, you choose your tortilla size and progress along the servery selecting the fillings with options including chicken, pulled pork, spiced beet. Then you get the options to add beans, salsa, lettuce and other additons. There are side dishes including tortilla chips, salsa, guacamole, cheese sauce and coleslaw.

It’s an attractive fast-food option and we rather liked the quality. The only quibble would be that it has taken Transatlantic style a bit too far by serving the food that is tepid rather than hot.

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Queen's Links Leisure Park, Aberdeen Beach and Union Square, Guild Street, Aberdeen | www.chiquito.co.uk

A reasonably good fast-food diner with a Mexican flavour. Portions are generous so it scores on quantity. Quality? Well, on a good night it is brilliant, but sometimes it is just good. But then, that's a pretty good average!

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Las Iguanas

18 First Level Mall, Union Square, Aberdeen |/www.iguanas.co.uk

A chain specialising in Mexican and south American food.

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