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Coast to Coast

Union Square, Guild Street, Aberdeen | www.c2crestaurants.com

This national chain of American diners is themed on the Coast to Coast experience of the USA with a particular focus on the I80 that runs from New York to San Francisco.

Inside it is a bit reminiscent of a Hard Rock Cafe with leather chairs, booths and tables laid out on a split level. Instead of guitars and drum sticks on the wall, there are images reminiscent of an American road trip.

The extensive menu is what you would expect of an American diner and some of what you might not expect, including old favourites like burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, ribs, fajitas and both Chicago deep pan and thin crust pizzas. There are separate breakfast and lunch menus.

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Frankie & Benny's

Queen's Links Leisure Park and Union Square, Guild St, Aberdeen | Telephone 01224 590394 | www.frankieandbennys.com

Consistently second to only La Bamba in the early days of this website, Frankie and Benney's is based on the theme of a New York Italian bar and diner, Frankie and Benney's offers a tempting choice of burgers, steaks, pizzas and pastas, with an American Italian flavour. The decor and style, too, are quite authentic.

The food quality has consistently been to a high standard every one of the many times we've tried it.

Pizzas - so often the give-away for restaurants which use pre-made, pre-packaged food - are a particular favourite and quite clearly freshly made. (TIP: The large pizzas are best. If there's two having pizza, ask for a large pizza to share and get them to put your choice of toppings on half each.)

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La Lombarda

Castle Street, Aberdeen | Telephone 01224 640916 | www.lalombarda.co.uk

Claiming to be Britain's oldest Italian restaurant, after years of ownership by the Italian family who founded it, La Lombarda has had two sets of new owners in recent years. It has a very central location — right at the east end of Union Street, on the corner of Castlegate — making this a very easy restaurant to find.

Italian food is the speciality and it is served in a busy cafe style dining room. The main part of the restaurant is a strange mix of Olde English decor and Italian design cues, but the newer extension is more Mediterranean in style.

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Pizza Express

402 Union Street, 47 Belmont Street, Aberdeen and Union Square, Aberdeen | www.pizzaexpress.com

A cut above the many other pizza chains. Convenient, enjoyable and good quality. A particular favourite is the Etna Romana which has a bit of fiery heat from the peppers and a lovely thin soft-but-crispy crust.

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